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“Save time & money and ditch the gym with my Ultimate At Home Women’s Workout.”

Dear Frustrated Female,

    If you are like most Women, let’s face it, you loathe going to the gym. Not only does it take valuable time out of your day, but it also comes with a dreaded uncomfortable feeling. All of a sudden things like running into old acquaintances or co-workers at the gym has you feeling pressured to look your best in an environment where you should be focusing on your workout.

    Or maybe you are working out with a trainer at your gym who seems to be more interested in watching the girls on the treadmills than focusing on your form during workouts. Does this sound familiar?

    Well, I have good news for you. You can get a fun and effective workout in the comfort of your own home!

      Instead of dealing with the frustrations of driving to your local gym, you can save time and spend more time with friends and family through exercising at home. There are simple exercises that you can do right in the comfort of your own home that will strengthen, tone, and lean out your body. Best of all, there is minimal equipment required.

    The best workouts aren’t done on expensive gym equipment or machines. They are done using your own body weight or small hand-held weights that are super inexpensive and found at your local sporting goods stores.

    Follow my Ultimate At Home Women’s Workout and watch the inches melt away!

Some of the benefits of The Ultimate At Home Women’s Workout:

So what is The Ultimate At Home Women’s Workout?

The Ultimate At Home Women’s Workout is a 6 week, step by step workout program designed to give you the best workout possible in the comfort of your own home. You will be coached step by step through each exercise to ensure that your form is correct and you know exactly how to set up properly.

And here is a preview of what The Ultimate At Home Women’s Workout program looks like, taken directly from the eBook.

Now is the time for you to rid yourself of the gym and take control of your own workouts with The Ultimate At Home Women’s Workout.

I’ll even offer you a sneak peek of one of the exercises taken directly from the eBook so that you can see just how revolutionary my program is. This is one of the tricep exercises taken from page 17 of The Ultimate At Home Women’s Workout.

P.S. I can’t wait to see how great you look after trying my Ultimate At Home Women’s Workout.

Committed to Your Health,
                        Nikol Klein

All of this for just one easy payment of $19.99!

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  1. BulletWeight Loss

  2. BulletFat Loss

  3. BulletIncreased Confidence

  4. BulletMinimized Cellulite

  5. BulletImproved Stamina

  6. BulletSlimmer Appearance

  7. BulletBetter Overall Health

  8. BulletSlimmer Appearance

  9. BulletNo more Jiggle

    and much, much more!

  1. Bullet A 37 page digital eBook

  2. Bullet Detailed Explanations

  3. Bullet Illustrated/ Described Warm-up Exercises

  4. Bullet Illustrated/ Described Strength Exercises

  5. Bullet Illustrated/ Described Cool Down Exercises 

  6. Bullet An Easy to Use Program

  7. Bullet An Illustrated Equipment Guide

  8. Bullet 50+ color photos!

  9. Bullet Bonus Pro tips

  10. Bullet Bonus Cardio Workouts

  11. Bullet Plus a FREE 6 week workout program!

Personal Trainer Nikol Klein performs crunches in the comfort of her own home.

With The Ultimate At Home Women’s Workout, You Will Get:

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