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Nikol (middle) with her clients having fun after a group workout!

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Allie is beach ready after her 20 pound transformation!

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“I ran into an old friend this weekend who said, ‘wow you look thin.’ Seriously, I haven’t felt this good in a bikini in a year. Thank you, Nikol.”

-Dominique Coulon, La Jolla, California

“I feel confident in a bikini now!”

Areas of Expertise:

  1. Weight Loss

  2. Fat Loss

  3. Strength Training

  4. Toning & Pilates

  5. Suspension Training

  6. Pre and Post Natal Fitness

  7. Injury Rehabilitation

  8. Flexibility Enhancement

  9. Athletic Performance Enhancement

  10. Youth Fitness

  11. Bridal Fitness

  12. Pageant Preparation

  13. Nutrition

Benefits of my Personal Training Services:

  1. Increased energy

  2. Increased confidence

  3. Strong, healthy bones

  4. Graceful aging

  5. Healthier skin, hair, and nails

  6. Improved Posture

  7. Increased and Restored Bone Density

  8. Reduced Injuries

  9. Overall slimmer appearance

  10. Reduced health risks

  11. The ability to feel good again!

“I’ve lost 30 pounds personal training with Nikol. She helped me get my body in shape before my Wedding. I now feel more confident in myself and the way I look. I have even recommended her to my friends!”

-Alexis Abercrombie, San Diego, California

Training Environment & Location:

I provide all of the workout equipment and motivation you need to succeed in your weight loss goals whether you are looking for luxury personal training in the comfort of your own home or sessions at my Del Mar personal training studio. I love to get keep the workouts fresh and creative so you can expect to get a fun new workout every time you see me.

No matter how big or small the fitness goal, I can design a custom San Diego personal training program or nutrition plan for you. With my workout technique you will never get the same workout twice and you can be confident that you won’t build up bulky muscles.

Best of all, you don’t have to even enter a crowded and uncomfortable gym! Let’s get you on your way to a success story like my clients have experienced in the testimonials below!

Online and Skype/Facetime sessions also available.

“I lost 30 pounds before my Wedding!”

Nikol is highly sought after to represent fitness brands and products.

“I have been seeing personal trainers for 8 years now and Nikol has surpassed every single one of them and has exceeded my expectations. In the first three weeks alone I lost 6 inches all over! Not only has she helped me lose weight and tone my body but has also been a huge influence in self-confidence and self esteem. I would recommend Nikol to anyone. Her knowledge of the body, muscles and dance background make her one of the most talented and respected trainers I have ever met. I encourage anyone to look into her services; she has been a blessing to me!”

-Sarah Zimmer, La Jolla, California

“I lost 6 inches in the first 3 weeks”


I’m San Diego Personal Trainer, Nikol Klein, and I am going to help you reach your fitness goals.

As a fitness expert and former professional ballet dancer, I know all of the best training techniques to get you a lean, bulk-free body. You won’t find these exercises anywhere else or at your local gym because they have been created by me, a ballerina turned fitness trainer!  These exercises have been designed by me specifically for you, the woman who wants a slim and toned yet not overly-muscular body.

I have over 10 years of hands on experience as a personal trainer and have worked with clients of all ages and backgrounds including the San Diego Charger’s wives, Forbes richest woman, Miss USA contestants, Olympians, and clients just like you! These clients continue to trust me to get them the results that they want and now the same opportunity is available you.

“I was so energized after the last workout. I felt like I’d been cleaned out and rejuvenated and I didn’t even need to use my oxygen for several hours. It felt great not to be so tense and nervous. Thank you, Nikol.”

-Suzanne B., San Diego, California

*Soon after this photo was taken, Suzanne, a COPD client, was able to go without her oxygen tanks permanently! Congratulations, on your miraculous transformation!

“I feel rejuvenated after each workout.”

“Training with Nikol promoted the strengthening and toning of muscles specific to the body of a ballet dancer. Having worked and performed with her, it is clear that she has an impeccable body awareness that truly demonstrates her understanding for the tips and exercises she gives her clients. She has given me great tools that have been useful, and will continue to be, throughout my professional career.”

-Callye McCollum, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Has inspired me to become a better Dancer”

“Nikol put me through some serious cardio and weight training workouts and I've never felt better! My pre-pregnancy clothes are now loose and people are always commenting on the difference in my appearance. I highly recommend my San Diego Personal Trainer, Nikol Klein, for any of your workout needs. She's a great motivator and coach.”

-Jennifer Teh, San Diego, California

“My pre-pregnancy clothes are now loose!”

“I currently have Nikol as my San Diego personal trainer and she is awesome! So far I've lost 8 inches and 10 pounds and my body fat is down 9.6% in just the few weeks that we have worked together! Nikol is completely dedicated to her clients. Love her!”

-Ebony Tyree, Del Mar, California

“I lost 10 pounds in just a few weeks.”

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Hear what more San Diego Women just like you are saying!

“Starting to see a six-pack”

“Thanks to personal training with Nikol my abs are flatter, my legs are tighter, and I’m starting to get a six-pack in my stomach. I definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to look their best.”

-Rebecca Cassady, Encinitas, California

Hear what Women all over the country are saying!

“Nikol keeps the training sessions interesting and fun, yet still very effective in working on the desired target. I've seen a big change in my fitness and flexibility since I've started working with Cardiff by the Sea Personal Trainer, Nikol Klein.”

-Eleanor M., Cardiff by the Sea, California

“I have seen a big change in my flexibility.”

Posted by: Eleanor M.

“Niko keeps the training sessions interesting and fun, yet still very effective in working on the desired target. I've seen a big change in my fitness and flexibility since I've started working with Nikol.”

Posted by: Ebony T

Posted by: Donna

“I have currently have Nikol as my personal trainer and she is awesome! I've lost inches and pounds in the months that we have worked together and she is completely dedicated to her clients. Love her!”

“Nikol is incredible. she takes into consideration the fitness level for each individual thoroughly and well trained...every session is planned to meet specific physical goals. Thanks Nikol you’re doing great!”

Limited space available.

Call (858) 598-5157 Now.

Posted by: Elizabeth247

“It’s pretty cool to work with a trainer who not only motivates me but shows that she is highly motivated herself. Not just any personal trainer makes it on network TV and I am proud to say that mine has! Her name will soon become a household name. Ladies, get her while you can...she’s right here in San Diego!”

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“I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy. Balancing taking care of my baby and working out was quite a challenge. Four months after I had my son, I finally got frustrated with the lack of results and that’s when I found Nikol. Since I've been working with Nikol at her Del Mar personal training studio, doing 30 minute personal training sessions 3 times per week, I've lost 16 inches so far and at least 15 pounds within the last 2 and a half months! I could see and feel results within the first week.  I would recommend Nikol to everyone and her 30 minute sessions are very convenient for me as a busy mom as the results are absolutely amazing!”

-Christina Sikes, San Diego, California

“I’m now below my pre-pregnancy weight!”

"Nikol has completely transformed my body. I knew she was the perfect trainer for me from the second we met. Nikol took the time to listen to me about how I felt and what my goals were. She pushed me in my workouts and continually built me up with her unconditional support. She genuinely cares about her clients and wants them to look and feel good. She continues to push me and has inspired me to take pride in my body and my health. I have gained an incredible sense of self confidence and can honestly say that I LOVE my body. Training with Nikol is the best decision I have ever made!"


                                                    -Sara Dorfman, Del Mar, California

“Training with Nikol is the best decision I have ever made!”

“I am ecstatic with the results I've seen in only the short period of time that Nikol has been my San Diego personal trainer! I have seen a change not only in my physical appearance and endurance but in my energy level and overall attitude towards working out. I used to dread going to the gym or even a simple jog but now I look forward to the days we train together! Nikol excels at working on exactly what your particular body needs are and helping to strengthen weak areas. I absolutely love Nikol as a trainer, and LOVE the results!”

                                        -Alma Lasater, Carmel Valley, California

“I’ve started modeling professionally ”

“Helped me feel & look pageant runway confident!”

“A huge thank you to my personal trainer, Nikol Klein, for helping me get ready for the Miss Teen USA 2012 pageant this summer. You are fabulous. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with you! Not only are you an amazing and inspirational fitness trainer, you have also become a dear friend.


                                        -Alexa Jones, Miss California Teen USA 2012

Your success story could be next! Hear what San Diego Women just like you are saying!

Nikol has been featured in various magazines and broadcasts including San Diego Magazine, Pacific Magazine and Fox 5 News.

Luxury in-home training available in Del Mar, Carmel Valley, La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe,

Solana Beach, and Encinitas!

“Looked toned on my wedding day!”

"Nikol is amazing to work with. I initially started working with her to get in shape before my wedding. She graciously moved her schedule around so that I could seriously get to work before my big day. Even though it has only been 5 weeks or so, I've created healthier eating habits, lost several inches around my stomach and other areas, and was noticeably more toned in my arms and back in my wedding dress. I can't wait to continue working with her, even after my wedding has happened. Nikol is professional, reliable and kind, and you will enjoy working with her. "

-Sara N., Carlsbad, California