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Want a flat stomach?

Hate your love-handles?

Ready to minimize muffin top?

“My Core Turbulence program can solve all of these problems & more!”

Dear Frustrated Female,

Hi, I’m Nikol Klein, and I am a San Diego personal trainer. As a Women’s fitness expert, I have a ton of experiences with all types of Women who are looking to flatten their stomachs once and for all. I have developed a proven method that works and I want to share it with you.

These core strengthening secrets that previously were only available to my San Diego personal training clients are now available to you regardless of where you live.

As a female, I know that sometimes appearances can be everything when it comes to your self confidence even though we try to deny it. I know how desperately you want to fit into a smaller size and show off a flat tummy in a bikini at the beach.

The good news is that I also know that fitting into skinny jeans minus the muffin top is in your near future. My program will ensure this.

I have helped thousands of Women across the world achieve their fitness goals and chisel the flat, defined stomachs they so desperately desire. I have designed a program specifically for you, the busy Woman who doesn’t have time to go to the gym.

My Core Turbulence program can be done in the comfort of your own home with little to no equipment needed.

You can trust these exercises and secrets because they have been working successfully for my thousands of personal training clients for years.

Some of the benefits of Core Turbulence are:

“Starting to get a six-pack”

“Thanks to personal training with Nikol my abs are flatter and I’m starting to get a six-pack in my stomach.”

-Rebecca Cassady, Escondido, California

“I ran into an old friend this weekend who said, ‘wow you look thin.’ Seriously, I haven’t felt this good in a bikini in a year. Thank you, Nikol.”


                                   -Dominique Coulon, La Jolla, California

“I feel confident in a bikini now!”

You can see results just like these...

So what is Core Turbulence?

Core Turbulence is a 4 week core conditioning program designed to flatten your stomach, minimize your love handles, and strengthen your back to reveal a sexy, strong mid-section. You will be coached step by step through each exercise to ensure that your form is correct and you know exactly how to set up properly.

And here is a preview of what the Core Turbulence program looks like, taken directly from the eBook:

So what are you waiting for?

Order Core Turbulence NOW and start blasting belly fat!

Here is a sneak-peek of just one of the exercises you will find in Core Turbulence, taken directly from the eBook:

A $34.99 value now for just $19.99!

P.S. I’m looking forward to hearing how Core Turbulence takes your body to new levels of sexiness! You will be amazed at how quickly your body responds to these proven belly flattening techniques. You don’t want to let this pass you by.

Wishing you much success!
                        Nikol Klein

Buy Core Turbulence now for just $19.99

  1. BulletFlat Abs

  2. BulletThinner Waist

  3. BulletMinimized Muffin-Top

  4. BulletLess Back Pain

  5. BulletImproved Stamina

  6. BulletSlimmer Appearance

  7. BulletTighter Tummy

  8. BulletSlimmer Sides

  9. BulletIncreased Confidence

    and much, much more!

With Core Turbulence, You Will Get:

  1. BulletA 34 page digital eBook

  2. Bullet Detailed Explanations

  3. BulletIllustrated/ Described Warm-up Exercises

  4. BulletIllustrated/ Described Strength Exercises

  5. BulletIllustrated/ Described Cool Down Exercises 

  6. BulletAbdominal Conditioning Exercises

  7. BulletAn Illustrated Equipment Guide

  8. Bullet50+ color photos!

  9. BulletBonus Pro tips

  10. BulletPlus a FREE 4 Week Program!

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